QuarTek Corporation .... introducing Innovations at the forefront of nanotechnology for the benefit of mankind   

nefit of mankind.

Technology Platform 


High performance and innovative thinking drive QuarTek's success in the field of nanotechnology. QuarTek is conducting research and developing processes to produce smart materials, devices, and sensors that exhibit physical properties and functions different from those found at larger scales. These processes have many technical and commercial applications. QuarTek is collaborating with academic and industrial institutions on innovative ideas and projects. Our technology is backed up by 25 patents and patent applications. 

QuarTek has active research programs utilizing our Smart Materials (QSMs) in the following areas:

  • Energy Management: Phase Change Materials
  • Water Safety and Treatment: Sanitation and Filtration
  • Plant Health and Nutrition  
  • Fire Safety and Fire Retardants
  • Textile Innovations: Antimicrobial treatment, Fire Retardants, Novel Binders, Odor Control
  • Biofuels: Separation and Extraction Technology

We have moved to a new location:

   QuarTek Corporation

    120 E Pritchard Street

    Asheboro, NC 27203, USA

    Tel: (336) 316-0088  Fax: (336) 316-0118

    Email: info@quartekcorp.com

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QuarTek Corporation  Phone: 336-316-0088 Fax: 336-316-0118 4180 Piedmont Parkway Greensboro, NC 27410