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nefit of mankind.



The NanoAccelerator (NCNA) is a business and technology development center for startup companies that own innovative technology in the field of NanoTechnology with significant commercial potential. We develop new companies by partnering technology entrepreneurs with business experts, technology experts and investors. We are technology focused, business oriented, and success driven. We eliminate the barriers and obstacles that exist for entrepreneurs and investors by minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities.

QuarTek will work with founders of partner companies to reduce expenditures; we will give partner companies access to all available resources such as equipment, office and lab space, business, financial and legal advice. For the partner companies, a manageable capital burn rate occurs by controlling the capital-draining expenses of staff salaries and benefits, office rent and overhead. Capital is spent on the highest priorities to maximize success. These combined strategies form a system for startup support that is responsive, innovative, cost effective, and geared for success.

 The following factors are considered in evaluating potential partner companies:  

·   Synergy with QuarTek Technology Platform
Level of Intellectual Property Protection
Application and Market Potential of Technology
Risk and Potential Return on Investment

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